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So many ducks and beautiful swans!

I didn’t like the geese, way too aggressive for a city girl!

We had a fantastic few days away from the city,it rained for four days and the mists were amazing,.

I love the effect created by Hipstamatic prints

This one was Kaimal Mark11 lens Inas 1969 film

The trip with Quicksilver to The Low Isles was something I will remember for years to come. We left on a huge catamaran with many families from all around the world and visited this fabulous spot on the inner reef from Port Douglas. It was pristine and so peaceful, totally unpolluted with turtles and wonderful coral reef.

I will show you the turtles when I download the images from my camera. These were taken with my trusty I Phone Hipstamatic app. The company demonstrated the utmost respect for the reef, a very positive eco tourism experience.