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A cold wet winter’s day marked my return to the streets, can’t keep a mad photographer down!


I often pass this building I call the circle building,

it fascinates me. I will head back today with the old black and white film camera and my tripod and explore some more.I have been having a lot of fun in the darkroom this semester, never thought I would get back into printing my shots again. It is fascinating to watch the image appear in the developing trays and the running water in a dark space is quite hypnotic.

With some beautiful striped deck chairs to sit in the sun,

even the label is cool. We now await the sun! Until then they sit folded

in the corner of the livingroom.

I loved the juxtaposition of these 3 images on the brick wall, all black and white

Everytime I pick up my friend Dom, I admire her letterbox,today I took a shot on my I Phone, imagine the number of letters that have been posted here!