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Today I visited Heidi,with my sketch group to see a great exhibition of Louise Bourgeoise which I’m afraid I wasn’t allowed to photograph, so here is a beautiful sculpture in the garden woven from branches


My garden is surviving the hot temperatures amazingly well, I let the artichokes go to seed, isn’t the color beautiful.

garden garden3 garden4 garden5 garden7 garden8Our friends invited us to a wonderful cafe set in a garden for breakfast, heaven.

I love the sculptural look the mulberry tree takes on in winter.

I have the most patient partner, I’m always out on holidays with my camera or I Phone, don’t marry a photographer if your the jealous type!

I’m taking a weeks leave, hopefully I will come back with some tropical images to cheer up our winter.

This gallery is my idea of heaven,Maeght Foundation Saint-Paul-de-Vence,France