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Cheeky friendly children in the street, the Balinese children are always so beautifully dressed.


This semester I have been working on portraits, something that I usually shy away from. I am now determined that shooting people can be really rewarding and I intend to shoot lots more.This little girl Mia was such a doll and loved the whole process.

I have notised a large increase in many versions of this child buggy attached to their parents bike,

I get stressed watching them weave throught the traffic.

These little girls were thrilled to be asked to pose

with their extensive Barbie collection.

I was photographing this ship from a child’s perspective sitting on the ground when an excited young boy ran into the shot.It was a magic moment.

This little girl blew me away with her excited dance on seeing the sculpture at Federation Square, Melbourne

Just a few streets away we discovered this amazing light display which had all the neighborhood children enthralled, such dedication to the Christmas spirit