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Early morning light on Lygon Street tailors.

Very elegant for the grunge of East Brunswick.

A few years back I was tired of the grunge and ready tomove on, but decided to look at it from another perspective and embrace where I was instead of wanting to be somewhere else all the time. I have grown to love the place and embrace all its contradictions. If I try to look at my city from a tourists eyes each day life is way more interesting. Now I embrace the grunge.

This lightbox at cafe Wide Open Road is great, the top is printed perspex with a map .

Just wandering around the streets I stumble on street art in the most unlikely places, this was on the facade of a warehouse in Weston St, Brunswick

Massive yarn bombing outside The B East burger shop which has a vintage clothes market inside.

The early morning winter light on the Russian Church inspired me to go home and shoot the sun streaming in on my madonna with tulips.

Secretely I haveĀ  Vesper envy!

I have notised a large increase in many versions of this child buggy attached to theirĀ parents bike,

I get stressed watching them weave throught the traffic.