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I seem to be spending too many hours in cafe’s at the moment, waiting for agents, open inspections at my home, sounds like a first world problem doesn’t it! Taken with my IPhone, Hipstamatic Black Keys film.

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It’s official,after many months of preparation we are on the market and ready to venture into a new life, we are building a new and exciting sustainable home while leaving a beautiful old one behind, which has lovingly contained our small family for 24 years. We will miss the garden, but new shoots are already being sown. These are the images I shot for the real estate site.

barbed wire




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In Memory of Jill Meagher ,

a young woman killed before her time.The flowers are overwhelming,all of us affected by a tragic death, thinking it could have been our daughters. None of us will walk the same way again at night. A public outpouring of grief.