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It has been a long time between posts, my life has been somewhat blue and blurred for the past few months
and the creative juices have been on the back burner so its time to come in from the rain.




Our accomodation is right next to the monkey forrest, so we had a visit from a hungry monkey on the first night, he even knew how toopen the door handle! Needless to say we lock the door each night now.







Spending a bit of time on the back of the boat this summer and I can’t resist adding to my abstract seascapes again.


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Happy New Year to all my wonderful loyal followers. I have been out of action for a couple of months now preparing my house for auction, the work is almost complete, I will share some images soon.

These shots were taken with my I Phone off the back of the boat over the last few days while taking a break, I didn’t take my computer so played with editing on Snapseed app with my I Phone which I have grown to love this past year.

Look foward to sharing more this coming year.



This week in class we had a mamoth task of shooting, processing and printing an image for exhibition where the first years judged our image, printed on the wall. All in 4 hours, plus provide afternoon tea!! I have attached my image in purple which I gave a faded film
effect to and my mate Dom’s amazing portrait that one the day. She worked so hard and put such thought into it. The dog even co-operated at the vital time!!

I took the same artichokes, dried them and recomposed.