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This week in class we had a mamoth task of shooting, processing and printing an image for exhibition where the first years judged our image, printed on the wall. All in 4 hours, plus provide afternoon tea!! I have attached my image in purple which I gave a faded film
effect to and my mate Dom’s amazing portrait that one the day. She worked so hard and put such thought into it. The dog even co-operated at the vital time!!


I am doing a subject called Scientific and Technical photography this semester. These are some images I made last week using a technique called Birefringence where plastic objects are placed over a light box between two polarising filters. The patterns are limitless.

I’m enjoying looking at fabric and the pattern of movement in the wind, thoughts of doing a major project with fabric and figures.

Can’t get enough of the place.

mill3 mill2mill

This factory complex woud make a great portrait location


bwsand5bwsand6I have converted the previous color sand images to black and white which I much prefer. What do you think?

sunrise12 sunrise13 sunrise15

I just love the latest I Phone Hipstamatic double exposure feature, somuch fun!