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I was driving into  school and had to stop the car when I saw this beautiful young girl on her flowered bike.

Isn’t she georgeous!

On the weekend we went to The Finders Keepers Market and I loved the cool crowd queing  for burgers and tacos.

This little baby was the only one who noticed me photographing.

This one is with the compliments of my daughter Samantha

who has a rather strong shoe fetish, and my good teacher Gunter who helps me light the shots.

This beautiful young girl represents a turning point in my street photography when I decided to approach people and ask if they would let me photograph them. She was so thrilled to be asked and so gracious. Because of her I won’t be afraid to ask again.



I loved the spirit of this young environmentalist, her purple hair and enthusiasm for life were captivating



I loved this ladies quirky style