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Spending a bit of time on the back of the boat this summer and I can’t resist adding to my abstract seascapes again.



I had the task of shooting a family portrait so off we went to the children’s farm in Collingwood, this stunning peacock made it all seem much better!


I have been editing some of the abstracts of the dancer series made on mylar and have decided to work on a series over the next few months. Must order the mylar.


This week in class we had a mamoth task of shooting, processing and printing an image for exhibition where the first years judged our image, printed on the wall. All in 4 hours, plus provide afternoon tea!! I have attached my image in purple which I gave a faded film
effect to and my mate Dom’s amazing portrait that one the day. She worked so hard and put such thought into it. The dog even co-operated at the vital time!!



I have been taking a break after some surgery and pondering where I go from here with my photography, I thought you might like to see some scanning I did today with autumn leaves from the garden. Arn’t the colors amazing it makes me want to get out there and keep shooting.

Microscopic Photography

Microscopic Photography

Can you believe this is wheat under the microscope? I see the irony in this for a caeliac. I plan to print itin a large format and frameit for our new house.


I took these images in class demonstrating the use of white field using a macro lens and flash.


I am doing a subject called Scientific and Technical photography this semester. These are some images I made last week using a technique called Birefringence where plastic objects are placed over a light box between two polarising filters. The patterns are limitless.

I’m enjoying looking at fabric and the pattern of movement in the wind, thoughts of doing a major project with fabric and figures.