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This week in class we had a mamoth task of shooting, processing and printing an image for exhibition where the first years judged our image, printed on the wall. All in 4 hours, plus provide afternoon tea!! I have attached my image in purple which I gave a faded film
effect to and my mate Dom’s amazing portrait that one the day. She worked so hard and put such thought into it. The dog even co-operated at the vital time!!

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This semester I have been spending many hours photographing through the microscope, these are some of the images I have been playing with. I plan to print them onto fabric for my final asessment, possibly make some cardsfrom them. What do you think? The small world is quite fascinating. I am quite addicted, hours in the studio with quite strained eyes but I think they are worth it.



I have been taking a break after some surgery and pondering where I go from here with my photography, I thought you might like to see some scanning I did today with autumn leaves from the garden. Arn’t the colors amazing it makes me want to get out there and keep shooting.