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Microscopic Photography

Microscopic Photography

Can you believe this is wheat under the microscope? I see the irony in this for a caeliac. I plan to print itin a large format and frameit for our new house.


I couldn’t walkpast this one in Brunswick St, Fitzroy, so clever! Pity the bottom has been torn.

On a recent visit to Bendigo I visited The Chinese Museum, loved the colors and textures


I took these images in class demonstrating the use of white field using a macro lens and flash.


I am doing a subject called Scientific and Technical photography this semester. These are some images I made last week using a technique called Birefringence where plastic objects are placed over a light box between two polarising filters. The patterns are limitless.

A beautiful day in the country visiting Tarrawarra museum of modern art.

I found all these beauties within half a block of one another.