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Can’t get enough of the place.


I found this wonderful prayer labrynth while in Queenscliff,young children were asked to drawer/paint on the flags and hang
them from the frame provided over a herbed labrynth.


My garden is surviving the hot temperatures amazingly well, I let the artichokes go to seed, isn’t the color beautiful.

mill3 mill2mill

This factory complex woud make a great portrait location


bwsand5bwsand6I have converted the previous color sand images to black and white which I much prefer. What do you think?


IMG_4567IMG_4564IMG_4561IMG_4552IMG_4555 IMG_4547

I have been having a wonderfully creative time at the beach. At the end of 2012 I thought I had lost my creative juices after a stressful year only to be reinspired by the peace and tranquility of the sea. I will be posting less this year but hope to provide multiple images in each post. Wishing you all a creative and fun filled 2013.





This one is courtesy of my great friend Jo taken in Footscray.