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I loved the juxtaposition of these 3 images on the brick wall, all black and white

Everytime I pick up my friend Dom, I admire her letterbox,today I took a shot on my I Phone, imagine the number of letters that have been posted here!

This lightbox at cafe Wide Open Road is great, the top is printed perspex with a map .

On the waterfront at Geelong there are many of these fantastic bollards in all manner of characters.I want to return and shoot some more soon.

I loved the way this hotel had put on a light display which outlined all of the building and moved, often disconcerting but incredibly beautiful

Just wandering around the streets I stumble on street art in the most unlikely places, this was on the facade of a warehouse in Weston St, Brunswick


One of my favorite flower shops

I love the way this light stays in the window all night