M intro http://52suburbs.com

I don’t usually re post others blogs, but this one I particularly like, an Australian girl Louise Hawson . From her blog 52 Suburbs, the images are great:

In 2009/2010 I realised I was a stranger in my own city of Sydney. So I spent a year exploring and photographing one new Sydney suburb a week in search of the beauty in the ‘burb, sharing what I found on a blog, 52suburbs.com.au

The blog developed a strong following and in 2011 evolved into a book and a major exhibition – and the inspiration for this second project, 52 Suburbs Around the World.

Why? Because having discovered how incredibly interesting it is to nose around the backyard of a big city, seeking beauty in both the built environment and people, I’m keen to do more of it – but this time on a global scale.

I’m also a crap tourist. I dislike following any crowd, especially one full of tourists. Of course I’ll be a tourist too but that doesn’t mean I have to act like one. They can have the grand monuments, the Top Ten Sights, the Must See’s, I’m off to the suburbs/neighbourhoods!