I have started a new series, painting with light, these are small boats on the water with their lights reflecting at night. I decided to go with the movement.


We have just returned from a week sailing in the Whitsunday passage in Queensland. We have never seen such stunning pristine landscape before, yes the water really is that colour. I will share more images over the next few days.



Lightshow Gertrude Street FitzroyIMG_4147

IMG_4059Morning light on the kitchen bench, everything seems magical when the sun shines on a winter day.

I have finally moved into my new house and starting to recover from the stress, I though I would share some images of it over the next few weeks with you. This is the morning view of my balcony when I am on the floor doing yoga.IMG_4042


It has been a long time between posts, my life has been somewhat blue and blurred for the past few months
and the creative juices have been on the back burner so its time to come in from the rain.